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photo by NOAH SUZUKI







MACROMANCE's official title is cafe owner, and the storefront he established in Tokyo in 1993, Pousse Cafe, is still in operation today. He has also been closely associated with music throughout his life, and is known to have been a London-based musician in the 1980s. In recent years, he has been known as a jazz DJ, appearing in Tokyo's nightlife scene.In addition to playing as a DJ, he has been expanding his field of activity by taking on musical direction for apparel brands and hair salons etc,, In 2019, he resumed his music activities overseas under the artist name "KOTA®" touring Europe and performing at huge rock festivals in the U.S. (COVID-19) Since the pandemic, he has also started track making (composing) and leads a godforsaken, free-spirited lifestyle with "music" at the core.


This site is operated for the purpose of delivering information about MACROMANCE, including maniacal information that cannot be followed on SNS, in a timely, easy-to-understand, and organized manner. We hope that this site will serve as a bridge between you and MACROMANCE, and that new creations will be born from here.

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